0 Vote up! verb. Present participle of bound.
0 Vote up! noun. The use of fire protection products within limits determined by scientific tests.
0 Vote up! noun. A boundary.
0 Vote up! adjective. Moving with a bound or bounds.


0 Vote up! It was upon a beautiful autumn evening, at that glad period of the season when the harvest yields its abundance, that two figures were seen sauntering along the banks of the winding river, which I described as bounding the farm occupied by Heathcote; they had been, as the rods and landing-nets which they listlessly carried went to show, plying the gentle, but in this case not altogether solitary craft of the fisherman.
0 Vote up! The overhand watch & bounding is a result of WWII and not really used a whole lot now.
0 Vote up! So we were delighted, thrilled, taken aback, and absolutely breathless in bounding up to the stage to make a 60 second thank you.
0 Vote up! Judging from the timing and the sounds of the coins bounding about inside the pot there was not much there.
0 Vote up! “Come here, Christmas!” she called the bounding puppy to her side and scooped it into her arms.


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