0 Vote up! noun. Excrement; dung.
0 Vote up! noun. Something morally offensive; filth.
0 Vote up! noun. excrement, dung
0 Vote up! noun. Dung; excrement; fæces.
0 Vote up! noun. Defect; imperfection; fault.
0 Vote up! noun. Dung; excrement; feces.
0 Vote up! noun. solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels


0 Vote up! As this mud consists chiefly of human ordure, which is regularly thrown into the canals every morning, there not being a necessary-house in the whole town, it poisons the air while it is drying, to a considerable extent.
0 Vote up! They hang them up by the heels, as we used to do with the drowned, and stuff their mouths with human ordure which is sure to produce emesis.
0 Vote up! In his own spirited protest he tells us of the 'ordure' that was thrown at him; and it is an old saying that if enough mud be thrown some will stick.
0 Vote up! By consent, he passed the case on to a higher court, which declared that the play was not immoral; acquitted Mr Daly; and made an end of the attempt to use the law to declare living women to be "ordure," and thus enforce silence as to the far-reaching fact that you cannot cheapen women in the market for industrial purposes without cheapening them for other purposes as well.
0 Vote up! Warren are "ordure," and should not be mentioned in the presence of decent people.


0 Vote up! ordure...sounds like ODOUR(bad smell)...which comes from shit.


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