0 Vote up! adjective. Standing out among others of its kind; prominent. See Synonyms at noticeable.
0 Vote up! adjective. Superior to others of its kind; distinguished.
0 Vote up! adjective. Projecting upward or outward; standing out.
0 Vote up! adjective. Still in existence; not settled or resolved: outstanding debts; a long outstanding problem.
0 Vote up! adjective. Publicly issued and sold: outstanding stocks and bonds.
0 Vote up! adjective. prominent or noticeable; standing out from others
0 Vote up! adjective. exceptionally good; distinguished from others by its superiority
0 Vote up! adjective. projecting outwards
0 Vote up! adjective. unresolved; not settled or finished
0 Vote up! adjective. owed as a debt
0 Vote up! adjective. That stands out; undischarged; uncollected; not paid.
0 Vote up! adjective. Conspicuously excellent; markedly superior; distinguished.
0 Vote up! adjective. So prominent so as to attract notice; conspicuous; usually but not always in a good sense.
0 Vote up! adjective. of major significance or importance
0 Vote up! adjective. distinguished from others in excellence
0 Vote up! adjective. owed as a debt
0 Vote up! adjective. having a quality that thrusts itself into attention


0 Vote up! Under Macy's previous sales training program, associates were given scripted steps in making a sale, such as "smile," "thank the customer," and "always say the word 'outstanding.'"
0 Vote up! The University of Pretoria is to confer an honorary doctorate on President Nelson Mandela for what it describes as his outstanding contribution to the well-being of South Africa and humanity this century.
0 Vote up! Alierta particularly emphasised the performance in Brazil, which he described as "outstanding", adding that it consolidates the Company's leadership "in a market which will soon become Telefónica's main source of revenue, and where the integration of the fixed and mobile businesses will allow the Company to capture synergies of 3,700-4,600 million euros, a significantly larger amount than initially forecasted."
0 Vote up! An Inspector in the Wetlands Management Department of Nema, Joseph Ogwal, recently told journalists that the residents resisted the eviction because they had been told not to vacate by the Resident District Commissioner for Nakawa, Mr Fred Bamwine, who reportedly said he intervened to address what he called outstanding issues.
0 Vote up! RPGMapShare: A free collection of maps, sure, but what makes this site really outstanding is the enormous amount of high-grade map tiles with which to make your own.


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