0 Vote up! adjective. That can be permeated or penetrated, especially by liquids or gases: permeable membranes; rock that is permeable by water.
0 Vote up! adjective. Of or related to substance, substrate, membrane or material that absorbs or allows the passage of water.
0 Vote up! adjective. Capable of being permeated, or passed through; yielding passage; passable; penetrable; -- used especially of substances which allow the passage of fluids
0 Vote up! others. That may be permeated; capable of being passed through without rupture or displacement of parts: noting particularly substances that permit the passage of fluids.
0 Vote up! adjective. allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through


0 Vote up! However, the seized products were in permeable packages and held under conditions that could affect the food's integrity and quality.
0 Vote up! They are all permeable, and the reason they're permeable is that nobody likes someone who talks shit about other people.
0 Vote up! This includes a stout casing and what is known as a permeable polymer separator, which stops the electrodes in the cell touching each other and causing a short circuit.
0 Vote up! Only when she turned a certain way did it become clear that what rested atop her muscle and bone was not skin, but a kind of permeable membrane that anything could pass through.
0 Vote up! More recently, we have also developed a method for examining the microscopic and macroscopic properties of fluids with restricted flow geometries, such as permeable and semi-permeable membranes, and used it to study phenomena such as osmosis, reverse osmosis and electro-osmosis.


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