Word Cup 2013

Read through to have a glimpse for a better chance.

Word-Cup 2013 invites competitors from all around the globe to  contribute relevent Mnemonic pictures, confusers, definitions, usage of words that you come across.

word cup 2013

How do I participate?

  • You just need to search through words and contribute on them in "Contribute" section.
  • You need to fetch maximum points by contributing relevant Pictures, Mnemonics, Confusers, definitions, Usages to words you go through. See help icons on word page in contribute section for more details on what and how to contribute.
  • Points distributions as follows:
    1. Pictures: 2 Points
    2. Mnemonics: 4 Points
    3. Confusers : 2 Points
    4. Definition : 1 Point
    5. Usage : 1 Point
  • Running short of words or already brushing up your vocabulary for some exam? Go through the lists of words on home page for GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT and start contributing on those words.
  • The competition closes on 1st August 2013.

What are the prizes and awards?

We got loads of them for you.

  • 1st Prize : Goodies worth $200 (Apple iPod Touch)
  • 2nd Prize : Goodies worth $150 ( Apple iPod Nano)
  • 3rd Prize: Goodies worth $100 (Apple iPod Suffle)
  • Top 10 Contributers of Pictures : Cool Vocabguide T-shirt
  • Top 10 Network builder via Invites: Cool Vocabguide T-shirt
  • Top 100 Premium accounts on www.vocabmonk.com , a free, simple and easy-to-use Virtual Assistant that takes care of your vocabulary building process.
  • Top 1000 Contributors : A e-certificate of appreciation from vocabguide.com
  • Top contributors from the competition might be hired by vocabguide.com

So go ahead, invite, contribute to be a vocab Maniac.

  Already got contribution material in bulk? Reach us on our contact we will get to you.

  • All content will be moderated.
  • Points award will be controlled fully by our moderation team, at their final discretion.
  • A global leader-board will be updated real-time in homepage. Feel free to contact us on our contact/feedback form.

Good Luck!